It was rainy saturday at the end of may, month of love and nature awakening. I was nervous, slept a little, and didn’t know what to expect. Since it was the first wedding of the season, i was a little insecure and thought to myself that all senses on how to film weddings were gone […]Continue Reading




In the last recent months i was quite occupied with work. And i am very exited to announce new promotional video for company Vodovodi Nova Gorica. Since my recent projects were mainly wedding videos, travel videos, etc., this one different in terms of technicalities and title animations and other after effects stuff used in the […]Continue Reading


In october, i was blessed enough to go to Portugal for the second time with mi lady. As always occurs, you usually take half of the staff you never need, therefore i filled my bacpacks to 110%, including filming gear. I swore myself to take one or two shots with my filming device just to […]Continue Reading



In september, most of Slovenia was affected by heavy floodings due to lots of rain and brutal weather conditions. Lots of people’s houses were damaged and some even lost their homes. During last couple of years, floodings repeat almost every year and represent natural disaster for our little country. It take people to repair their […]Continue Reading


Popolnoma nepričakovan telefonski klic Michala in Nastje. Povesta mi, da še isti dan potrebujeta nove plesne fotografije za javno objavo v reviji in mojo pomoč. BUM! Seveda se mi je vse skupaj sprva zdelo nemogoče in neizvedljivo, vendar sem vseeno ugodila njuni želji in se postavila pred izziv. V 2 urah sem se s polnimi […]Continue Reading