In a constantly growing digital world, visual perception matters. It is the way people feel your presence and how close you are able to approach to your audience.

2Kreate is ever-growing collective and media production. We handle our customers with care, make their wishes our projects and improve from them.
As highly motivated individuals, eager to learn and improve, we are aware of how important is to keep customer satisfaction first priority.

We can help your ideas come to life, share their uniquiness with your customers or the closest friends and make them memorable.

May it be commercial for your product or the very special day in your life. May it be your company advertisement or the wedding day, when you say “yes”.

We want to tell your story for you.


Ana Kete
Aljaž Kete

ana-1Ana is the one responsible for the photos. Young, comunicative and always looking on the bright side. Happy, when she looks through the lens of a camera and takes beautiful moment. Lucky, when she is part of someone elses happiness. Fullfiled, when she notices satisfied customer’s face. Inspired, when more and more people trust their most important moments and ideas to her. Simply, photographer.
aljaz-4With an exceptional sympathy for film, Aljaž represents videographic part of 2Kreate media team. Besides filming, he is the one responsible for all the paperwork and projects running smoothly along the way. Always positive, communicative and guy of an immediate action. Loves to team up and develope new ideas and always open to suggestions. Video projects are result of his creativity and sympathy for aesthetics. Brainstorming is essential part of his workflow, usually guilty for all the crazy ideas coming your way. His hobby is inspired by life itself; beautiful, sometimes turbulent. But above all, life is a crazy adventure, as it’s every new project. May it be commercial or the wedding.